Video: The Making of Turok

Here’s a cool video I got last night.  It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of the upcoming game, Turok.  It takes you through the early stages of the game to the more recent footage we’ve been seeing.  This kind of inside look into games is always interesting.

The time is almost near for us all to practice our dinosaur killing skills.  Take a look at how the characters, environment and mayhem all came to be.


Video: The Making of Turok

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12 Responses to “ Video: The Making of Turok ”

  1. Checking it out now…

  2. Pretty cool behind the scenes feature… I haven’t been tracking this game much, but you’ve peaked my interest, Deac! :)

  3. This is on my watch list for 2008, Halo Wars of course and I’m not sure after that. Not saying I’ll buy it, but keeping an eye on it still.

  4. Turok… I’m not sure about it.

  5. Me likey!

  6. Lookin’good so far, too bad the demo wasn’t available in North America.

  7. well you could for a time get the demo by preordering the game. i’m not sure if that’s still the case.

  8. Just read the OXM review… 7.0 isnt the greatest score…still cant wait to play this…(definitely a rent before I buy situation though)

  9. Gamefly all the way with Turok.

  10. I picked up a copy of OXM specifically for the Turok demo, since I live in the U.S. I’ve got about two hours into the demo and let me say…..WOW am I underwhelmed. I’m putting together a video review that I’ll post on my site. I term this “Far Cry with some dinosaurs” Perhaps the demo is a smidgen of the game, but it should show off more than what it is currently.

    BTW, Deac, I fixed my website so you can register and login now. There were some errors in the PHP, so I switched themes and it’s working now. Check it out again if you have a chance.

  11. good deal Rain :) i’ll head back over.

  12. I loved turok for the N64 but his doesnt really appeal to me that much.

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