Xbox Live Diamond Card – It’ll Cost Ya in 2008

Remember the hype surrounding the Xbox Live Diamond card a while back?  It was supposed to be an amazingly cool card with your Gamertag on it and it was supposed to give you all kinds of cool discounts to awesome places.  Well, it did have your Gamertag on it but it didn’t pack any goodies.  You can probably count the number of people on one hand who actually made good use of it.  I believe the only thing worthwhile were the Quiznos coupons and ofcourse seeing your Gamertag on it.  My point is that the program was hardly anything to boast about even if it was free.  (keyword = was)

Xbox Live Diamond Card Changes

Fast forward to 2008 and it looks like someone thought the benefits were so amazing that a charge was necessary.  That’s right.  That Xbox Live Diamond card that you probably lost months ago will now cost you $6.95 per year to maintain.  The cost goes into effect after March 1, 2008.  Reading the notice about the change, you’ll see that the program is changing ownership to Passport Unlimited.  Perhaps the benefits are about to live up to the hype?  Who knows and really does anyone care at this point?

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  1. 10 Million Members and now they want to charge for that(WTF!)
    I tried to use the card twice and both times they didn’t even know they took it. I will have to think hard about paying for something that was pretty useless.

  2. I used the coupon for it constantly at Hollywood Video, but I never once showed them my card, just printed out the coupon for rent 1 get one free for 360 games. I used it probably close to 20 times.

  3. lol. i never received one and i applied already a couple of months ago. but this is increduluous on microsoft’s part.

  4. Wow.

    I don’t know if there’s enough deal there for me, at least personally, to justify paying $7.95 a year for the Diamond card. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet.

    Ah well.

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