Tiberium FPS Announced

And you thought the Command & Conquer series would always be a real-time strategy (RTS) game didn’t you?  That’s about to change in Fall 2008.  Over 2 1/2 years in development, Electronic Arts Inc. today revealed Tiberium™, a new intellectual property that brings a rich, original fiction to life through intense tactical action and visceral first-person shooting.  That’s right, it’s a first-person shooter and you can see the first high-res image of its announcement below.


“Tiberium is our ‘One Ring’, our ‘Force’. It is the connective tissue that defines this universe and tears it apart,” said Chris Plummer, Executive Producer at EA Los Angeles. “After two years of pre-production, it is exciting to finally reveal this game and its rich fiction to the world. We’ve put a lot of effort into evolving the tactical shooter experience by taking core gameplay compulsions like commanding, choice and dominating your enemies and delivering them in first-person. Some of the weapons and mechanics are truly innovative for a first-person game. We’re very proud to be part of a project that has the potential to really make a mark on the cannon of sci-fi fantasy fiction.”

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  1. I think this should do well. Does it have online multiplayer? That would be great its like bringing FPS into a RTS world, we just need an overlord player to tell each of us where to go and it would be awesome.

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