Monday Morning Scripted – Don’t Fire Me

Happy Monday and welcome to another Monday Morning Scripted!  I still haven’t been paid for my 8.0 review of Kane & Lynch so I’m not sure how to take that.  If you’re unaware of why I just said that, it’s because of all the speculation going on surroung a GameSpot editor being fired for his review (if you can call it that) of Eidos’ Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.  This hasn’t been confirmed but I don’t need to explain the ramifications if it holds true that these so-called big media sites like GameSpot are “on the take” with their reviews.

That’s why you only need to trust my reviews because I’m still pretty broke writing them.  If you can’t trust a broke person, then who can you trust? (smile)  Activision and Vivendi Universal merged to form Activision Blizzard.  I definitely got a WTF moment with that name.  This makes a formidable alliance though against the all powerful EA.

There’s a new addition to U360 that I revealed yesterday called U360 Medals.  It’s another unique feature to the site that so far everyone has enjoyed.  There will be more medals introduced so stay tuned!

Tonight is the season finale of Heroes and I wanted to say that the writers on strike are TEH SUCK!  I know everyone should be paid their worth but couldn’t they have waited until the Summer when Heroes was done!  See you guys and girls tomorrow for the Fall Dashboard Update live show!

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20 Responses to “ Monday Morning Scripted – Don’t Fire Me ”

  1. Yeah well maybe that means the Box set will be a little cheaper LOL.

  2. LOL wow… just wow! I trust your unpaid reviews because I know that it is coming from someone who really enjoys gaming. I know the path is getting better for ya tho, U360 ROXORZ! We appreciate what you and your very helpful aids do to make it real comfy around here. Thanks :) Looking forward to playing this one.

  3. happy monday all…I awoke to 2 inches of snow on the ground…looking forward to heroes and the update show tomorrow…

  4. snow? i hope we don’t get any of that crap in Dallas! lol

    @Danger, you are TEH UBER ROXORZ!

  5. Yeah, they knew what they were doing by going on strike right now. I sense the second coming of ‘reality TV’ for us.

  6. reality TV sucks. but i read this morning they have a new proposal for them that should be okay. and then i read how writers are paid $1.3 billion dollars each year. WTF man. and this new deal will add $130 million in internet sales etc.

    i thought at one point it was justified but these people get paid a lot of damn money already.

  7. thank god there are so many great games to play right now..TV is going to be the suk here in a few weeks…

  8. lol @Irish – true that.
    @ Deac As far as the writers thing goes , ya if you look at that number it looks like a lot but that is amongst them all (in terms of work worth) and if you look at the entire amount for the industry that is NOT a lot. I am not a writer nor does this really bother me with the exception of my shows being delayed but i want good dialogue and quality and I’d rather not watch TV if that cant be delivered, but that is just me. Those who are exceptional should be rewarded as such *coughs “Heroes”*

    & for the record… DOWN with reality TV :( UGH

  9. i hear ya Danger. but it’s not like more money is going to make some of these series more interesting or better written.

  10. If you sell medals I will call you EA360.

  11. haha…*puts plans to sell medals back into folder*

  12. Honestly, I think the writing on some shows have been slacking lately. However, I think what some people are forgetting, no matter if writers deserve more or not, their strike is impacting others in the business. What about other people that work on these shows that are currently out of a job and yet won’t get a pay raise once the writers thing is settled?

  13. it’s impacted way more than i thought it would…not just writers.

  14. Your reviews are always honest and fairly bang on with what I like to play (perhaps we’re of one mind, who knows). People trust your reviews the most, mainly i’m going out on a limb here, but because we know you. You’re not some faceless gamer in the dark who might have never picked up a controller and are just reviewing off trailers and box art. We know you play the games and that your a great gamer. Anyway….hope the Heros ep was a goodie.

  15. awwww me luvs you! :)

  16. @ Green & Deac i hear that and I am in full agreement but again people are not numbers like our society would like to think. It would be nice for those who excell to receive such acknowledgement (finacially i suppose). It is a selfish move the way they are going about it but i understand their point. And also more money does not make for better entertainment- that’s why i love indy movies so much :) anyway the whole thing stinks – so lets game!

  17. GREAT SEASON FINALE!!!! damn u writers!!! damn u all to hell!

  18. I agree w/ Baroness. But I never ready reviews from sites such as gamespot, etc.. I wait for reviews from people I know. Or I just go out and play the game for myself because everyones tastes in games are different. I may like a game someone else finds horrible and vice versa.

  19. I’m excited for Volume 3 of Heroes!

  20. so am i aqua.

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