Zune Adds New Accessories

I told you I’d be giving more coverage of the 360′s little musical cousin, the Zune.  If you remember, the new 80 gig and 8 gig models are due next month and before their release, these new accessories will be available.  I’m already debating on shattering my daughter’s piggy bank to grab one so I can finally get my taste of Zune and these new goodies.

The list of new partners providing accessories for the Zune include 3rd-party entries from Altec Lansing Techologies, Agent 18, Belkin and many more.  And the new goodies include a new AV pack ($99.99), Altec Lansing Speaker Dock ($99.99), and a Belkin Sport Armband ($29.99) for the runner in you.  You can check out the entire list of new digs coming at the official press release here.

“Zune is committed to providing customers with choice,” said Scott Erickson, senior director of product management for Zune. “In addition to offering choice among Zune media players, we have also enhanced our accessories program to ensure that Zune users can choose from a robust line of high-quality accessories.”

I’m off now to see exactly how much little piggy has on the necessary $250 I need for the 80gig Zune.

Zune Dock

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6 Responses to “ Zune Adds New Accessories ”

  1. I’m trying to decide between a new 4GB Nano and Zune 4.

    I already have a Zune 30, but I need something smaller for working out.

    The thing that really appeals to me about the ZUne 4 is that it and its brother (the 30) would use the same software and there would be no excess library management with iTunes.

    But, the new Nano’s are pretty cool with the new UI and Cover Flow and everything else. I mean the Zune still dosen’t have games or even a clock.

    Anoyone have an opinion / thoughts?

  2. lmao at shattering the piggy bank.

  3. No mp3 player is worth $250.00 at the most I would pay $100.00 b/c you still have to buy all your music/videos. Also using the zune marketplace interface is not user firendly IMO.

    I can get a Dell laptop fpr $500.00 So it makes no sense to pay so much for a music/video player.

  4. not user friendly? it’s pretty simple to me :|

  5. I can’t wait to get the Zune 80 in a couple weeks. It’s going to be free too cause I’m gonna swap out my old Zune with my Circuit City warranty plan.

  6. @ unscleric holy crap you can do that i got the 4gb zune and the 30 but i want the 80 and on my 30 i got the 3 year replacement warrenty

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