Airburst headed to Xbox Live Arcade

Are you ready for a bit of exclusive news?  Freeverse and Strange Flavour today announced that Airburst is well into development for Xbox Live Arcade. With quick pick-up-and-play action, this all-new Airburst is an ideal Live Arcade title and promises to be one of the best party games on the platform.

Floating high above the ground on a platform made of balloons, you have to fend-off the deadly chainsaw-bladed burster ball, and redirect it toward your opponents’ balloons. Airburst has crazy power-ups, unique character powers, and a wealth of game types to reward strategy as well as reflexes.

Airburst is being developed in the U.K. by Freeverse’s partner studio, Strange Flavour. Aaron Fothergill, Managing Director of Strange Flavour, has said, “The power of the Xbox 360 is allowing us to do some really amazing things in terms of graphics and features. We think gamers will be very pleased with what we have in-store.”

More details on the title will be released in the coming weeks.  Strange Flavour and Freeverse have had their hands on a few Xbox Live Arcade titles already including Totemball, Marathon: Durandal and Spyglass Board Games.  I hope you’re ready to experience the burst!  I included a screenshot of the popular Airburst Extreme to give you all an idea of what this game is all about.

Airburst Extreme

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