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Are you ready for more of The Edition Examiner?  Ofcourse you are!  I told you I’d be back with a look at the Halo 3 Limited Edition and here it is.  It’s time to dig in and make the case for it.

The Edition Examiner covers two important things; craftsmanship and extras.

Halo 3 Limited Edition   Quake Wars Limited CE   Halo 3 Limited Edition   Quake Wars Limited CE

Craftmanship - The Halo 3 LE comes in nice, black metal case that has some weight to it.  Once you pick it up, you know it’s sturdy and well made.  There’s a protective, plastic slip cover for it so that you can prevent any unnecessary scratches or damage.  Unlike the Halo 2 metal case, this one has two compartments that house the game and the bonus disc.  The case has two opening points to cut down on the confusion.

I liked the case but I wasn’t impressed much with it because it had nothing significantly new or unique about it beyond the Halo 3 symbol.  I suppose when you sell over $300 million there’s no need.

Extras - The additional goodies in the Halo 3 LE are a bonus disc with exclusive Xbox Live Marketplace Gamer Pics and Theme as well as a hardcover guide called the Bestiarum that details the species and cultures of the Halo universe.  It was a designed nicely and interesting to read.

There are also plenty of featurettes to view and even a classic Halo-themed mini game on the disc.  There’s even an HD calibration tool for all of you high definition fans out there.

I think from an extras standpoint, the Halo 3 LE did well in that department.

Screenshots: The Edition Examiner – Limited & Collector’s Edition Photos

Edition Examiner Result - The simple black, metal case was a little disappointing but the extras helped spice up what was a less-than-stellar case.  It was nice but with the marketing that went into Halo 3, it could’ve been decked out with more than just the Halo 3 symbol.  And don’t worry, I know about the issues with Limited Edition copies and scratched discs.  Because of that, I had to score it the way that I did even though the discs are being replaced for free until February 1, 2008.

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13 Responses to “ Edition Examiner – Halo 3 ”

  1. Great review, couldn’t agree with you more. For the scratching reasons alone I stayed away from it…

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to score the Legendary edition on craftsmanship and extras? Oh well, I take it you didn’t invest the money, but as a Halo fan I definitely enjoyed the extras in the legendary edition.

  3. Nice review, I bought 3 and didnt have any scratches at all.

  4. Actually, I think they extended the exchange until Feb. 2008 now. :)

  5. I like mine!!

  6. i’ll have to check that TX. @intangible, i don’t have the Legendary Edition lol. and all of them (Limited, Legendary or Collector’s) get scored the same way.

    i’m trying to win the Legendary one though so i can feature it in the EE.

  7. updated Rob ;)

  8. Pretty fair ranking Deac. I agree.

  9. @Deac… glad to help out :)

  10. I got this version.

  11. Good thing I got Legendary ;)

  12. I guess I got lucky because I got the limited edition and my disks were fine..

    Great Review!

  13. Handy little guide, thanks Deacon!


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