Edition Examiner – Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Time for another entry into The Edition Examiner.  I started this back in August to take a closer look at the limited and collector’s edition of games when available.  Everyone really enjoyed it so here we go again.  Thanks to Activision, I’ll be shining the light on the Limited Collector’s Edition of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars for the PC.

Yes, I’m a PC gamer as well.  How do you think I started mastering my extraordinary skills?  Anyway, let’s get down to making the case.

The Edition Examiner covers two important things; craftsmanship and extras.

Quake Wars Limited CE   Quake Wars Limited CE   Quake Wars Limited CE   Quake Wars Limited CE

Craftmanship – The LCE is designed in a very simple yet effective manner.  The outer case in which the LCE is housed is a very nice cardboard material.  That makes it good to withstand what a gamer might put it through.  It has markings on the back of it along with images of the two factions at war.  The raised text of the game’s name gives off a pretty cool shine on the outer case.  The actual LCE casing is the same material and it’s a 3-part sleeve.  The left side has the manual and cards, the center has the game disc and the right side has the bonus disc.

Overall, the craftmanship was well done.  For a game like this, simple and effective worked out nicely.

Extras – The QUAKE Wars LCE comes with a bonus disc loaded with concept art, videos and more.  The concept art is plentiful and the videos include some cool developer interviews.  It also includes ten exclusive QUAKE Wars Collector’s Cards.  Each one of the cards shows off a different GDF (Global Defense Force) or Strogg vehicle or deployable with gameplay facts and never-before-seen artwork.  The extras alone give strength to this edition.

Screenshots: The Edition Examiner – Limited & Collector’s Edition Photos

Edition Examiner Result – It doesn’t stand out but that doesn’t take away from it being a very good edition to the Limited and Collector’s family.  The screenshots I hope add to the written word here so that you get a good sense of what’s inside and how it’s designed.

I would’ve much rathered a tin case but the cardboard material was efficient in making it stand out.  I think the best of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector’s Edition is inside with the bonus disc and other extras.  It gets my nod for being worthy of LCE status.

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