MMS – Elephant Pimpin’

There’s something about the Monday following a Dallas Cowboys’ win.  I just seem to enjoy them so much more than a typical Monday.  For the first four weeks I haven’t had to change my Gamerpic at all.  I don’t anticipate any Buffalo Bills fans but if you’re out there, send me a message and man up! 

Has anyone else noticed the demo explosion in the Xbox Live Marketplace?  Jericho, NBA 2K8, Thrillville: Off the Rails, NHL 2K8, PES  2008 are all out there.  I tried Jericho and I thought it was pretty cool.  I liked the creepy atmosphere a lot but I’m not sold on the squad element or the weapons at this point.

Unscripted Nights this past Friday went amazingly well.  I had a blast with Halo 3 and the U360 community.  We even took a picture to capture the moment.  Check us all out pimpin’ on the Elephant.  I even created the 7 Second Wars from all the fun we had.

U360 Reppin'

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  1. Damn it all, i had to leave early to sooth my screaming son… silly kid.

    That being said I had an awesome time playing with everyone. Can’t wait until the next UN. I’ll be giving the little on benydryl beforehand…

  2. I’m sure pilex will be happy to know that he made the cut imn this pic…lol…good times, cant wait for the next one…


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