360 Repair Process Step by Step

I come across several people asking about the return process when their Xbox 360 needs repair.  Since I’ve had to experience the process returning my own, I figured I’d make this step-by-step article for those of you who have questions about the process.

After you call Xbox Support or initiate the repair online, they’ll send you a box to ship your console in.  It generally takes 2-3 days to get the box but it may take longer.  I received my box on the third day after placing the call to Xbox Support.  This article picks up after I had received the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 1 – Removing. No cables, hard drive, or faceplate. Remove everything. Only send in a naked Xbox 360 console.

360 Repair Process
Step 2 – Inventory. You should have instructions, foam, plastic for your console, a strip of tape and a return label.

360 Repair Process
Step 3 – Package instructions.  Look over these for the proper way to package your console.

360 Repair Process
Step 4 – Preparation. Your console should look like this when properly packaged.

360 Repair Process
Step 5 – Packing. Place your console in the same box you received so that it fits flush inside the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 6 – Tagging. Put a piece of paper with your reference # (given to you by support) somewhere in the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 7  – Tagging. Write your reference # on the outside of the box as well.

360 Repair Process
Step 8 – Seal & Label. Use the strip of tape to seal the box. Put the return label directly over the existing label.

Step 9 – Delivery. Call UPS to schedule a pick up time for your box or drop it off at a UPS location near you.

That’s it.  The wait for your Xbox 360′s return begins.  Feel free to bookmark this if need be for reference.  I hope it helps.  As simple as this seems, some people are always asking about it.  If all of the above is done correctly, you can track and monitor your Xbox 360 repair status here.

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

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  1. I have a friend in Australia and she said they demanded she turn in the cables and HDD I was like no you don’t and told her to call back she did and they still insisted she send them in. Do different countries have different policies?

  2. nope. it’s the same process. but i suppose depending on the problem, there could be differences. for the RRoD though, this is the process.

  3. This article brings back bad memories. I was so deflated when my 360 took a wrong turn on a one-way street. I attended Zero Hour and was so happy to have a “first-run” unit. Fortunately, it took only a week to receive a new unit, which has worked fine for about a year now.

  4. the good thing is that new units/repaired units are supposed to have the new improvements in them. so i’m looking forward to my hdmi baby! woot.

  5. I know there is actually a website where you can track the progress of your 360 by its serial number I believe and see the serial number of the unit being shipped back to you. Supposedly you can tell by the new unit’s serial number what version 360 you should be getting.

    If there is any interest in this information I could go and search for the website.

  6. thx for the reminder MerC. i made an edit and included the website for that.

  7. I think you can search it on xbox.com and the cool thing is the one they send back is already registered :)
    O and Deacon she had the RRoD so I dont know what the deal was with that she got it all back fine and is back online playing but I just thought that was weird.

  8. ahhh…the dreaded xbox 360 packaging sheet…this brings back painful memories for me as well …:(

  9. Good article Deac.

  10. Why do you have to take off the faceplate ? Are you referring to custom faceplates or the original ? When I got the RRoD I didn’t take off it off. I just took off the HDD.

  11. well i had a custom faceplate. Halo one to be exact. and i was told to simply remove it custom or not. i suppose because it’s not necessary to the repair process.

  12. There is no guarantee you’ll get a 360 with HDMI. Microsoft has a jillion of non-HDMI (white) consoles just waiting to be used as replacements for RRoD consoles.

    When my first console RRoD’d, I got a different refurb’d unit back. When that died, I requested a new one. As expected, I was turned down. The 3rd console of mine is due any day now from McAllen … I have zero expectations it will have an HDMI port, as people on the Xbox Forums have indicated (based on their experiences).

  13. :( don’t ruin it for me Butwheaty lol

  14. figured out any ways of getting some halo 3 gameplay in while waiting for ‘your baby’?

  15. campaign wise? nope. but i’ll be playing some multiplayer Monday night. after that, i’ll just stay off the internet until i get my 360 back :)

  16. I dropped mine at a UPS store yesterday but, I completely forgot to put my reference number in/on the box. *sigh*

  17. @bulvai, this should help someone not make that mistake then ;)

  18. if you want you can play co-op with me if you fly over to holland :D

  19. lol..and you’re covering the airfare?

  20. I recently had to ship mine off and got it back, but have one question: what if you have a special console (not saying I do) like the Simpsons or something like that and have to get it repaired, but is not able to be repaired. Since they only make a certain number, how are you ensured you would get that specific console back? I’m guessing you would have to tell CS that it is a special console and yada-yada… but just wondering. Thanks

  21. i’ll find that out for ya Echo.

  22. I finally received my box. I’ve taped the reference # to the console but I wasn’t aware that I needed to write it on the box as well.

  23. [quote comment="56033"]lol..and you’re covering the airfare?[/quote]
    hmm, i think you just ruined my plan.

  24. once you get it back if you have multiple accounts (ie mine and my wife’s) the game you downloaded fm the market place only now will work on the account that down loaded them. i had to go thru the process and create a now gold account then call them back (get new ref#) the get my points refunded and down load them again under the new account to made them work for all accounts. This has to do with the system changing ser numbers. It’s a pain and takes two to three weeks to fix. Had to do this twice so far and my system is off for repair again. (3 times)

  25. yep i know about the DRM issues and the point refund thing. maybe i’ll do another article that explains the process or potential issues when you received the console back :)

  26. Shoedog is there a way to contact u? i had some questions about zero hour gamerpics…

  27. or anyone with zero hour gamerpics that reads this for that matter…

  28. InsipidNeil just got his replaced and said that they won’t do the points stuff anymore. That’s a bummer.

  29. @Hurlamania, I never stored the pics on the memory unit that was provided. So, I don’t have any. It’s kind of a bummer because once you change from the “Zero Hour” pic to another, it is lost forever. At least I still have my ZH Achievement, which is “zero” points. If you still have questions, just log on to Xbox.com and find my gamer-card, “shoedog”.

  30. A problem that NOONE is seeing is this;

    All of the original XBOX 360 and even some manufactured in 2007 have lets call it “power cord 1″.. However the new XBOX 360′s that are being sent from TX do not accept “power cord 1″. When looking at “power cord 1″ all of its lines are clean with no notches. The new XBOX 360′s in the back where it accepts the power cord has small tab. The new XBOX 360′s power cord has a small notch that mates with this tab using the notch on the plug.. Without a notch cut into your power cord it will not fit your newly received XBOX 360.

    In conclusion if you are keeping your power supply per MS request be prepared to;

    A) Sand down the tab on the back of the 360 where the plug meets, you will know it when you see it. (done it once)
    B) Use a knife or razor to place a notch in your power cord plug that mates the 360.(done it 4 times)
    C) Call MS support and explain the situation and wait for another power supply.

    We are using option B for now while we wait for MS to send us new power cords.

  31. @SuM, i better not have to do that.

  32. they have you remove the faceplate because you will NOT get it back. when i sent mine in, they said that you wouldnt get anything but the console back when you sent it in so you should take the faceplate, harddrive,and anything else like that off.

  33. yep that’s true Super.

  34. Just a small clarification… These steps are obviously for the US.
    here in New Zealand all we get is a stupid freepost print out that we have to tape onto a box that we have to find ourselves. That’s right, we don’t even get a free box or bubblewrap or foam or anything.

    And Deacon, I’m in the same boat as you. This is my 3rd box die on me and I sent it away last week. So no Halo 3 for me for about 3 weeks… (But I am hoping for an HDMI box now :P)

  35. wow Arow. that sucks that it’s different but expected i suppose. and i too am hoping for HDMI ;)

  36. my 360 is back! woot!


  38. i forgot to put the refernce number on the box and i dont have the serial number >.

  39. well just hold out for a sec Francisco, i’m sure it’ll be fine.

  40. I sent my console in almost 2 weeks ago, and my serial number on service.xbox.com just changed today. Does that mean repairs have finished and it’s waiting to be shipped?

    Of course I’ve received no emails yet -_-

  41. that’s usually what that means peasant.

  42. i went to service.xbox.com and logged in my email and the link to track my 360 dissapeared what does that mean?

  43. that means it’s on the way.

  44. Hey i just went over to the service microsoft website to set up my repair. Does this make the process longer, faster or the same? Also I don’t know my reference number I do have an order # and service reuqest # though.

  45. i haven’t heard anything about either process being faster or slower than the other.

    you should be good with those #’s but you can always call and get your reference #.

  46. So my xbox 360 arrived at their facility on October 5th, and on October 7th i log on to check my status and it says i have no registered devices. What does this mean?

  47. that means either of two things. a) not quite in the system yet b) it’s on the way to ya.

  48. I registered mine about a day after it was said to be dropped off and signed for at the repair center. It still says that there’s no pending repair though but the serial number is the same, does anyone know what this means? It’s been about two weeks that it’s been gone.

  49. Hey Deacon, did you get HDMI, new, refurbished? I sent mine 3 days after halo launch >:-o and i’ve been cravin some halo. I hope i get mine soon, but it still just says “Repair Status: Device Received at Service Center”, so i’m guessing i still have a wait.

  50. refurbished unfortunately. i dont’ know when they plan to include the new changes to repairs.

  51. I just sent my 360 out yesterday. What’s odd is when I go to http://service.xbox.com/ there’s nothing listed there except “Register a New Device”

  52. I think I may have F’d up. I think I accidentally put the SERIAL # of my 360 on the console and the box instead of the Ref # given to me.. Oops! Hopefully, if I did F up I’ll still get it back. After all, the serial # is registered to me and they have all my info on file.

  53. can someone tell me what will happen if i forgot to put my reference number?

  54. nothing happens really. just call support up and check your status/get your ref #

  55. thanks deacon, so if you forgot to put your reference number on the box it doesn’t interfere with the time it takes for it to get fixed?cuz i really wanna play COD 4.

  56. no it won’t interfere.

  57. [...] you don’t own that content or rather you do until you have to replace your console through the repair process or some other reason.  Repairs, new purchase Elite data transfers…whatever the reason [...]

  58. I screwed up too I put the serial # and didnt take off the faceplate! Will that affect it in any way

  59. @marco, it might delay it a bit but ultimately nope…but you won’t get your faceplate back. :(

  60. For the faceplate, I didn’t take mine off. Infact, I believe you only need to take it off if it is a customized (not original) faceplate. I am on my third repair and have never taken off the faceplate and have received my faceplate both times before.

    In addition, if you are right about the faceplate. Microsoft won’t pull bullshit. Most likely you will get a faceplate back. I’ve sent in things before that do not fulfill the requirements and MSoft fixes it anyway.

    The ref. # is just convenient for them. They can search off your serial number if needed. They now send a paper to fill out your information so this makes it even easier for MSoft.

  61. I sent my 360 in a couple of weeks ago. Does anybody know how long it will take for me to get it back. Hopefully it will work good. If not i will be super pissed.

  62. shouldn’t be longer than 2-4 weeks.

  63. Will I ever recieve an email saying they have my XBOX, or will i get an email saying it is being shipped back to my house.

  64. nope. you can check the link in the article though for status.

  65. i didn’t receive the return label (today USP brought me the box) …What should I do ?? ..
    thanks !!

  66. you need to call Xbox Support and get a return label.

  67. Wait – I was supposed to write the reference # in the box? Are you kidding me? The instructions NEVER TOLD ME TO DO THAT! I’M SCREWED! Thanks a lot Microsoft!

  68. you’ll be fine Jeg. :)

  69. im all the way down in australia and i’ve just dealt with a service rep about sending in my red ringed box, i was wondering; does microsoft send you a refurbished box or your 360 (fixed), and if refurbished are they reliable or complete crap?

  70. also, whats this thing with the power supply? is it worldwide or what? if it is, is there anyway i can use the new 360 with my old power supply?

    f^cking hell. more trouble than its worth

  71. it depends really on what you’ll get..could be a refurb, could be new, could be your same one fixed. and if you need a new power supply they’ll send one otherwise, use the old one.

  72. i sent out my faceplate with the unit it didnt say not to send itdoes it matter

  73. if it’s a personal faceplate, you won’t get it back :( but it doesn’t matter to the repair of the console.

  74. Actual topic. Writing is worthy of attention.

  75. .. i accidentally sent in my faceplate… its not ay kind of custom thing… but will i atleast get one back at all?

  76. My xbox had a video card failure so i phoned to send it in and there was a really crappy philipeno speaking woman and for like 10 minuts i was trying to tell her what was wrong but she just kept on saying 3 rings of death???? so i just said yes
    then atleast 7 days later i got the shipping stuff and it has been about 3-4 weeks will it effect the repair if i said it was 3 rings of light but it wasnt it was just when i would play the screen would turn green and i bought like 3 video cable

  77. OK i sent my xbox in 5 days ago, i sent it in but didn’t know what to put on the call reference had no idea, then 3 days after i sent it i relized what it was. will tis affect me getting my xbox back or its repair.
    Plz someone help me

  78. i sent mine in nearly 2 weeks ago the tracking information says it has reached the repair center 4 days ago the repair progress still says waiting for console any ideas?

  79. to answer all the questions, when shipping the xbox you send just the xbox with NO hard drive or wires and it doesn’t matter if u keep the original faceplate on or not but if it’s custom u may not get it back. the whole repair process takes roughly 3-5 weeks. u usually get your actual repaired 360 back along with a 1 year warranty. microsoft no longer provides the shipping box just the label. the shipping label can take up to 24 hours to receive via email and make sure to check your spam/junk folder. It is OK to send in your 360 without the reference # cause microsoft can look up your repair order info via the serial #. microsoft updates your repair status as the process progresses so if ups says your console has reached it’s destination but microsoft still says waiting for console then microsoft just hasn’t scanned/processed the shipment yet, a delay is common cuz they are busy. call 18004myxbox with any questions regarding your repair, they get paid to assist u! when calling, chances are u will be talking to a immigrant with broken english and poor product training, so be patient. if the customer service rep can’t understand your problem don’t panic because the xbox repair techs check your entire console for problems even if they already found the original problem. they will not ship your console back to u without checking to make sure everything works cause it is possible to have more than one problem that u may be unaware of. Original xbox hardware does NOT work on the 360. just most games do. -OK?

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