360 Repair Process Step by Step

I come across several people asking about the return process when their Xbox 360 needs repair.  Since I’ve had to experience the process returning my own, I figured I’d make this step-by-step article for those of you who have questions about the process.

After you call Xbox Support or initiate the repair online, they’ll send you a box to ship your console in.  It generally takes 2-3 days to get the box but it may take longer.  I received my box on the third day after placing the call to Xbox Support.  This article picks up after I had received the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 1 – Removing. No cables, hard drive, or faceplate. Remove everything. Only send in a naked Xbox 360 console.

360 Repair Process
Step 2 – Inventory. You should have instructions, foam, plastic for your console, a strip of tape and a return label.

360 Repair Process
Step 3 – Package instructions.  Look over these for the proper way to package your console.

360 Repair Process
Step 4 – Preparation. Your console should look like this when properly packaged.

360 Repair Process
Step 5 – Packing. Place your console in the same box you received so that it fits flush inside the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 6 – Tagging. Put a piece of paper with your reference # (given to you by support) somewhere in the box.

360 Repair Process
Step 7  – Tagging. Write your reference # on the outside of the box as well.

360 Repair Process
Step 8 – Seal & Label. Use the strip of tape to seal the box. Put the return label directly over the existing label.

Step 9 – Delivery. Call UPS to schedule a pick up time for your box or drop it off at a UPS location near you.

That’s it.  The wait for your Xbox 360’s return begins.  Feel free to bookmark this if need be for reference.  I hope it helps.  As simple as this seems, some people are always asking about it.  If all of the above is done correctly, you can track and monitor your Xbox 360 repair status here.

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  1. it depends really on what you’ll get..could be a refurb, could be new, could be your same one fixed. and if you need a new power supply they’ll send one otherwise, use the old one.

  2. .. i accidentally sent in my faceplate… its not ay kind of custom thing… but will i atleast get one back at all?

  3. My xbox had a video card failure so i phoned to send it in and there was a really crappy philipeno speaking woman and for like 10 minuts i was trying to tell her what was wrong but she just kept on saying 3 rings of death???? so i just said yes
    then atleast 7 days later i got the shipping stuff and it has been about 3-4 weeks will it effect the repair if i said it was 3 rings of light but it wasnt it was just when i would play the screen would turn green and i bought like 3 video cable

  4. OK i sent my xbox in 5 days ago, i sent it in but didn’t know what to put on the call reference had no idea, then 3 days after i sent it i relized what it was. will tis affect me getting my xbox back or its repair.
    Plz someone help me

  5. i sent mine in nearly 2 weeks ago the tracking information says it has reached the repair center 4 days ago the repair progress still says waiting for console any ideas?

  6. to answer all the questions, when shipping the xbox you send just the xbox with NO hard drive or wires and it doesn’t matter if u keep the original faceplate on or not but if it’s custom u may not get it back. the whole repair process takes roughly 3-5 weeks. u usually get your actual repaired 360 back along with a 1 year warranty. microsoft no longer provides the shipping box just the label. the shipping label can take up to 24 hours to receive via email and make sure to check your spam/junk folder. It is OK to send in your 360 without the reference # cause microsoft can look up your repair order info via the serial #. microsoft updates your repair status as the process progresses so if ups says your console has reached it’s destination but microsoft still says waiting for console then microsoft just hasn’t scanned/processed the shipment yet, a delay is common cuz they are busy. call 18004myxbox with any questions regarding your repair, they get paid to assist u! when calling, chances are u will be talking to a immigrant with broken english and poor product training, so be patient. if the customer service rep can’t understand your problem don’t panic because the xbox repair techs check your entire console for problems even if they already found the original problem. they will not ship your console back to u without checking to make sure everything works cause it is possible to have more than one problem that u may be unaware of. Original xbox hardware does NOT work on the 360. just most games do. -OK?

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