U360′s Best of PAX

Rock Band
Developer: Harmonix
Publisher: EA
Release date: Nov 2007

Rock Band

If lines for miles are any indication, I’d say that Rock Band was a highly sought after title during the show.  Hundreds of fans stood in line for a chance to rock out on stage with the game.  I had a few sessions of rockitude myself so I know why they stood there. 

The Rock Band team put on an exclusive show for Unscripted 360 fans that even had the CEO of Harmonix rockin’ the stage.  If you missed that, you can check it out here.  I had my doubts about the “band” element in Rock Band but after trying it, it was clear that those doubts were pointless.

This game turns everyone into a rockstar!  Click the next number to find out which other title made it into U360′s Best of PAX.

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13 Responses to “ U360′s Best of PAX ”

  1. What about Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, DB? Thoughts/Comments?

  2. Thanks Deacon, nice roundup :)

  3. @Fizzy, both looked really good…especially Assassin’s Creed but the key to this particular Best of PAX is that these games were “playable”. ;)

  4. I know I need some other way of saying it…But, great stuff Deac. Now I’m just wondering what titles are planned for next year because there’s almost too many A+ titles(only too many when there is nothing left in your wallet after the first few)

  5. just doing what i think you guys would enjoy Jokar ;)

    and you’re right, there are too many A+ titles on the way. which is a good thing.

  6. @DB, I see. =/ But, I’m definitely picking up AC this holiday! :D

    @Jokar; GTA IV, Lost Odyssey, Splinter Cell: ConViction, and The Last Remnant are some that I’m salivating over for 2008. :)

  7. Assassin’s Creed really impressed me seeing it up close. i have some video i’ll mix together of it hopefully..if i can get to it that is :)

  8. Best This game shows up as one of the worst at the show right along with Lair, it was TERRIBLE

  9. apparently these comments go onto every page, I was talking about Dark Sector, Dark Sector Fing sucks, what a bad wannabie GoW, terrible controls, terrible combat, totally retarded.

  10. did you play it at PAX Moo?

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