Stranglehold Demo Available

As was reported first on U360, the Stranglehold demo arrives!   You had no doubts did you?  Prepare for some John Woo style action with this action thriller.  Head out and download it now!


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17 Responses to “ Stranglehold Demo Available ”

  1. Woo! I’m excited to try this one out.

  2. Nice. I’ll be downloading this as soon as I get home.

  3. For the couple of minutes that I got to play it I enjoyed it. I went from completely neutral about this game to putting it on my must-have list.

  4. nice Intangible…i can’t wait to download it. i’ve been waiting for this for a while.

  5. Downloaded it this morning. Awesome, awesome game. It also unlocks a few things after you beat it once so you can go back and play it again with the new content. Pretty cool.

  6. I checked out some video for this today. Looks pretty nice!!! I will definitely
    have to download this today. There was a scene where a guy got shot in the throat and blood went everywhere; pretty grusome!!

    Looks like a must have :)

  7. i’m ready to download dammit lol

  8. It’s really good.

  9. It’s straight.I played through normal, hard and hard boiled and it was quite enjoyable.

  10. Thanks Deacon, since you posted the first story on this I wanted to see more of this. Now I need to go online and bring it home to play a bit.

  11. i’m downloading it now :)

  12. This demo rocks… feels like one of his movies. I’ll save this demo to play for awhile.

  13. They did a great job as a Chow Yun Fat fan and John Woo L iked the spin move with the doves in slo-mo. I also played it through to Hard-Boiled going to be a fun one to have.

  14. i’ll have to hit it when i get home. i went to sleep last night with it still downloading :(

  15. I got this, Overlord, and Frogger last night. I had to play them all. I think I need to pick up a 2nd job to just support gaming now. :)

  16. I set it up for DL last night and will probably check it out tonight. This one, unfortunately, with everything else coming is on my rental list.

  17. I only have the demo but I’ve been playing it over and over, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time, to bad it isn’t in Cantonese.

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