Win Codes for Spyglass Board Games!

Checkmate!  Have you been sitting around with a zero Microsoft Points balance craving some Spyglass Board Games multiplayer fun?  I figured there were a few of you contemplating a massive raid at your local retail store for some Microsoft Points to play the first video chat enabled game for the Xbox 360.  Don’t steal just yet.  I have a much easier way to score Spyglass Board Games!

Spyglass Board Games

Thanks to my friends at Strange Flavour, I have a few codes to give out to a couple of U360 freaks out there.  Free codes coupled with the chance to play this game one on one with Lady J and you have an incredible giveaway I say.

How can I score a redeem code for Spyglass?

Aaron Fothergill mentioned two alternate names for Checkers and Reversi in his exclusive Q&A here at U360.  What are those two alternate names?

Send me a message with the answers via Xbox Live or email and I’ll pick the winners.  Easy peezy eh?  I thought so too.  Thanks again to Aaron and the crew for giving U360 fans a chance to win.

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