Midweek Marketplace – Return to Vegas

Ok, I know time goes by without a Midweek Marketplace rundown and you all get upset with me.  (thanks for the reminder JTR J Bird)  Hey things happen, I get sidetracked and before you know it months have gone by.  I’m human…what can I say.

Well it’s back and it’s here now for you to scan through some of the hottest items on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  For those who don’t know, the Midweek Marketplace is a gathering of a week’s worth (ok sometimes more) of content that hits the Marketplace.  I decided to do it this way to make it easier for you guys to search and find what you may have missed to download.  I’ll list recent stuff because I’m not going back to search since the last Midweek Marketplace.

Don’t forget to send Midweek Marketplace tips to me if you come across new entries. 

Rainbow Six Vegas

The BIGS – Coming Soon
Tenchu Z
Project Sylpheed
Surf’s Up
Vampire Rain

Xbox Live Arcade
Band of Bugs – 800 Microsoft Points
Prince of Persia Classic – 800 Microsoft Points
Carcassonne – 800 Microsoft Points (6/27)
Pac-Man CE – 800 Microsoft Points

Burnout Paradise
FlatOut Ultimate Carnage
Juiced 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Xbox 360 Community
Kane & Lynch

Picture Packs
Small Arms – 100 Microsoft Points
Surf’s Up – 120 Microsoft Points
Penny Arcade – 200 Microsoft Points
Command & Conquer – 80 Microsoft Points
Anime presented by Xbox 360 – 80 Microsoft Points
Major League Gaming – 80 Microsoft Points
Red Man Gone Wild – 80 Microsoft Points
Alien Hominid – 100/150 Microsoft Points
Axe – Free
The Idol Master – Free 

Graffitti – 150 Microsoft Points
Anime presented by Xbox 360 – 150 Microsoft Points
Axe – Free
UFC – 150 Microsoft Points
Red Man Gone Wild – 150 Microsoft Points
Monster Madness – 150 Microsoft Points

In-game content
Bullet Witch (New Costumes, Missions, Spells) – Free/20 Microsoft Points
Rainbow Six Vegas Map Pack  – 800 Microsoft Points Free Click for details
Monster Madness (New Levels) – 200 Microsoft Points
Lost Planet (New Maps) – 400 Microsoft Points
Command & Conquer 3 (New Maps) – Free/500 Microsoft Points
Small Arms (New Characters, Levels) – 250 Microsoft Points
Catan (New Characters) – 200 Microsoft Points
F.E.A.R. (New Map, Modes) – Free

Video Marketplace
Anime presented by Xbox 360
(and a lot of other stuff you should check)

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  1. When are we gonna get a DeaconBlade/ Unscripted360 theme on the Marketplace? The main blade can have you doing the Running man dance or something lol.

  2. I have to admit that I absolutely love Rainbow Six: Vegas. The only achievement I don’t have is the “Best of the Best.”

    I’m a Colonel and oh so close to Elite and can’t wait to get it.

    With all that being said I have to admit that I’m dissapointed that I spent the points on the Red pack. Sure, I like the maps and the new game modes but I don’t play them enough to justify the cost. I might have to pass on these downloads in the future unless they truly bring much more to the experience.

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