Unscripted 360 Goes Live w/Ustream!

Coming to a computer monitor near you very soon will be a “live” version of Unscripted 360.!  U360 TV is gearing up.  Yeah, that’s what I’m calling it.  I’m just as surprised as you are so let me share the fine details about this.  During the GSB Road Tour in Dallas, there was a bit of live streaming and chatting from a website called Ustream.tv which offers live interactive video for everyone.  It was a lot of great fun for everyone including myself.

U360 TV

Shortly after the event ended, I got an email from the founder of Ustream who mentioned he was a big fan of Unscripted 360.  He went on to say that he wanted to promote and feature a “live” version of Unscripted 360.  Was I ready for it?  No.  But as with most things I do, I jump in head first and try to sort it all out later.  We’ve worked out a few things including the Coming Soon placement you can see on the main page of Ustream.

I’m getting things together to introduce U360 TV and I hope it will help the show reach an even bigger audience.  I’m bringing Unscripted 360 into your living rooms…literally in some cases I’m sure.  Stay tuned for a schedule announcement.  I promise not to do any Jack Black or Ricky Bobby on the show unless ofcourse you want me to.  I’m pretty excited and I hope you all are too!

In the meantime, check out DeaconBlade Ustream and leave a comment as well as add me as a friend.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the readers and listeners here tune in to U360 TV!

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  1. Thats freaking awsome man, maybe ill be able to see your show before i die of pain in my lower and upper back ( growing pains i guess) =\

    ps. my arms hurt too =C

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