Girls of Need for Speed ProStreet Theme

The folks at EA sure aren’t wasting any time with the media train for their next entry into the Need for Speed series.  There’s a theme available in the Xbox Live Marketplace for Need for Speed: ProStreet.  It’s available for 150 Microsoft Points.  I grabbed an image from the actual XLM placement for effect.  I wonder if any of these ladies are potential cover girls for the new game.

Girls of Need for Speed ProStreet

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9 Responses to “ Girls of Need for Speed ProStreet Theme ”

  1. That hot chick is from Australian Big Brother 2006. She’s Krystal Forscutt

  2. thanks CD. i’ll have to find some pics of her since i can’t really see the one in the Marketplace. but thanks for the name ;)

  3. evictee #16. nice find CD lol. she’s a hottie.

  4. search for the game in wikipedia and you will find a high res photo of her there

  5. aparently, she IS from the big brother australia ADULTS ONLY. you guys have to watch it, i have watched all episodes but couldn’t tell where I had her seen before…oh boy oh boy..and to ignite your engines..she appearsr naked in there quite often!


  6. thx jason lol

  7. [quote comment="36106"]That hot chick is from Australian Big Brother 2006. She’s Krystal Forscutt[/quote]
    [quote comment="46252"]thx jason lol[/quote]

  8. how to download this theme?

  9. this was a limited time theme so it’s not available anymore :(

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