Hour of Victory Demo

“And in our finest hour, we shall prevail.” 

I’m not sure if that’s an actual quote but I needed something cool to lead into the fact that Midway’s Hour of Victory has a demo in the Xbox Live Marketplace available for download now.  Get to it soldiers!

Hour of Victory

Screenshots: Hour of Victory

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7 Responses to “ Hour of Victory Demo ”

  1. * Runs to the 360, and trips over the ethernet cable in the process*.

  2. I’ll be downloading this after a bit of Halo 3 Beta tonight…

  3. Can’t wait to get home tonite!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe I should have walked to the 360. This demo was craptacular..

  5. I started it before I left for work this morning. I was on looking for a message from a friend and thought “hey I wonder what demos there are” Got lucky and this one was sitting there waiting for me to get it.

  6. as of right now, the demo isn’t up. it’s been pulled apparently again for some reason.

  7. Got the demo las night and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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