Halo 3 Beta Begins w/Crackdown

It’s finally here…at least for the public it is.  If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get into the Friends & Family start of the Halo 3 Beta this past weekend, then your chance has come.  That is, ofcourse, if you have a copy of Realtime Worlds’ Crackdown.  Halo 3 fans who have a copy of Crackdown will be invited to play the Halo 3 Beta in a few short hours.  What was once a few thousand players will increase a hundred fold I’m sure.  This will make for some very good competition as well as give Bungie some much needed feedback on Halo 3. 

I’ve included a small Q&A for some based on questions I’ve seen pop up recently.  Are U Ready?  It’s about to be Betalicious!  I’ll have more on this in the next episode of Unscripted 360.

Halo 3

Do I have to have the game to play?

Yes.  The Halo 3 Beta can only be accessed with the game inside your console not with a code.  There is no redeem code for Crackdown.

How long can I play the beta?

You can play all night if you’d like or until the beta period ends.  Go all out, all night.

Can I rent Crackdown and still play the beta?

Yes.  If your local video store has a copy of Crackdown with the Halo 3 Beta marking, then you can play.

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  1. Overall i love halo 3 beta inside and out. And i love their technique of letting you see Some aspects of the game and enclosing others to leave some excitement for the real game. I am so freaking dying to play the most anticipated game of the years campaign. I saw a battle against a covenant and a brute that lasted way longer then it would have in the originals. the covie had dual swords and he used them as a bitch be good stick and kicked the brutes bum and shoved his spiker up his retarded @$$ ( i added the last part in, but it was a cool fight.) but what im trying to say is that makes you feel part of the whole scenario… you know the feeling when all you do is want to get lost in a good fantasy rpg? its kinda like that. peace

  2. oops sorry deac. im prolly the worst double and trpile poster you get. that duplicate was an accident

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