Forza Motorsport 2 Demo Tonight

Turn 10 Community Manager, Che Chou, just released some eagerly anticipated news about the Forza 2 demo that quite a few of you have been waiting for.

Forza Motorsport 2

“Demo is definitely hitting tonight — but it’ll be pretty painful for east coasters.  Trying to pin down an exact time.” – Che Chou

Excited now?  I’m sure you all are.  So get ready to taste some Forza 2 racing tonight!

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16 Responses to “ Forza Motorsport 2 Demo Tonight ”

  1. This is great news the only thing is I have no room on my 20 GB HDD! What with TV shows I paid for and all the GRAW, CoD3, RS:Vegas Downloaded content I have on my HDD I have 520 MB left. The only demo I have is the 2 GB Shadowrun (SR) beta that I have testing out.

    I dont wanna delete the beta of SR so I may just have to delete the DLC I have – CoD3 DLC is over 1 GB. I hope thats enough space for the Forza demo!!! Anyone else running out of room….I have so many aracde games I dont even wanna think of getting a 120 GB HDD. Maybe a 512 MB MU???

  2. you can delete that Shadowrun beta my friend. the beta is over.

  3. This is great news Forza 2 demo and Halo 3 Beta in the same month huge

  4. About time!

  5. I guess we can expect it to come out at 2:00a.m.

  6. 2:00AM eastern time. All you people west of that wont have to sweat the time so much.

  7. Yep, 2:00a.m. EST apparently. A little bit odd, usually it’s PST, but I’m fine with it being EST this time around.

  8. good that you Forza fans will have your little baby tonight ;)

  9. Indeed it is. I just have to stay up till 11:00p.m. tonight (hopefully the EST release time is correct) and download it and play for an hour or so. Can’t wait!

  10. Well thank God I got the 120 HD for my BD,now we get the killer update now Forza what a day and the new maps for GRAW 2

  11. I guess it is coming out at 5:00a.m. EST not 2:a.m. EST. Kinda figured…

  12. impressions?

  13. I am impressed with the game and I have to say, with the Wheel it’s great. You can almost feel the heavy back end of the Mustang slip out behind you.

    I only had time for a few races to check out the difference between the classes before I get down to some much needed homework and studying. I am kinda disappointed there is no real damage done to the cars, they only included cosmetic. It is fun to turn around right at the beginning and slam into the guy in first and watch the parts fly, but it feels incomplete without any real damage. We’ll just have to wait for the 29th.

  14. haven’t played it yet, but I like that the demo was smaller than 1 GB :)

  15. The game is a beauty. In the lower class cars, w/ bad handling you have to take some time going around that corner and SLOW DOWN! Otherwise you go spinning off into the sand.

    Crash affects have always looked great, but in Forza it definitely brings me back to my xbox days.

    One concern I did have was that the wheels start looking funny every 15 MPH or so. From a stand still they look marvelous, but once you get going, they start to blur.

  16. So I downloaded the Forza Demo last night and I hate to say I wasn’t impressed…I don’t know if I’m just a PGR fanboy or what but I didn’t like it. The graphics were good and the cars looked pretty good but I felt like the handling was off…I don’t know maybe it will grow on me.

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