Shivering Isles Expansion Ready for Download

Oblivion fans rejoice as Bethesda has released the Shivering Isles expansion pack a day early.  This means you can get it before the scheduled maintenance tomorrow!  I’m hoping this is a planned early release and not one where it’ll be pulled.  But just in case, you need to be quick on the active download.

Shivering Isles

The download comes in at 993.75MB.  It’s a whopper indeed.  Remember it will cost you 2400 Microsoft Points.

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8 Responses to “ Shivering Isles Expansion Ready for Download ”

  1. I have $150 which I am going to spend $30 for the expansion pack, but leaving me -$10 towards the Legendary H3 Ed.Why’s it always gotta come down to the money?!?

  2. Just wanted to let those of you racing for the Dashboard know that to get it, you will have to go to: Xbox Live Marketplace -> Games -> All Game Downloads -> Oblivion. It’s currently not showing in the Newly Released Downloads section.

    Check out the trailer of Shivering Isles here:

  3. It’s taking me almost 3 hours to download it. Live is crawling on this dowload. Which I think is odd because few people that own Oblivion will actually spring for this (or even be able to).

  4. ouch 2400 pts for the expansion…

  5. [quote comment="23886"]ouch 2400 pts for the expansion…[/quote]
    Gotta remember this is not just a extra building or hide-out to store stuff in. This is a fully pledged Expansion pack with over 30+ hours of extra content and quests.

    Seem with most games nowadays average for gameplay is between 6-8 hours, so you shouldn’t have any second guesses when talking about 5 times the playtime of a full priced retail game.

  6. I downloaded this Monday night and it only took about 30min or so to download. But I think the price is fine. It costs just as much as most expansion packs for games.

  7. i got the game of the year edition wit shivering isle and knight of the nine on it. i downloaded them onto my hardive but it still wont let me play is there something im missing please someone respond

  8. it should let you play them. but GOTY came with them already so you didn’t have to download right?

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