Lost Planet Top Seller in January

Apparently not many were ‘lost’ out there in finding a copy of Capcom’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.  Reports from the NPD have it as the top-selling console video game in January.  I suppose we all like a little bit of snow and Akrid in our gaming.  The reason I bring this up is to point out that if you don’t have this game, remember to rent it for this weekend’s Unscripted Nights ‘Get Lost!’ event!

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

This is something very positive towards talk about exclusives and how well they can do this generation compared to multi-console titles.  Capcom has to be pleased with the results of their two original franchises (Lost Planet and Dead Rising) and how they’ve done on the Xbox 360.  Could we see more exclusives from developers when titles such as this one are having such great success on the 360?  I would imagine so.  Keep rocking the exclusives baby!

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  1. This is good news to me because I love Lost Planet and success of the title could mean a shiny sequel or more exclusives. Capcom must be really happy that their two new IPs are doing great on the 360, I know I am.

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