Lost Planet: Extreme Points Giveaway

I know how we all love to spend Microsoft Points.  What’s even better than spending points is to spend points you didn’t even have to pay for.  Capcom is giving away 4,000 Microsoft Points to the winners of an image contest.  First place winner gets 2,000 and there are 2 runner-up winners set to receive 1,000 each.

Lost Planet

All you have to do is create an image or video of playing Lost Planet in the most extreme conditions and you could win.  So for all you designers and video YouTubers head over to check the contest out.  Get extreme enough with your entries and win!

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3 Responses to “ Lost Planet: Extreme Points Giveaway ”

  1. I have a feeling theres going to be some really sickening videos heading in lol.

  2. Me too….I can’t wait.

  3. [quote comment="15826"]I have a feeling theres going to be some really sickening videos heading in lol.[/quote]
    Even sicker will be the images. People will set aside some real time to make a one of a kind game image featuring their favourite scene, or something along those lines.

    I’m more excited for the images, people will basically take alot more time with it and just about anyone can make a video. Although only some have the skills to make a sick looking image.

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