Midweek Marketplace – More Double Agent

There’s one thing I can safely say as we enter the tail end of the holiday season.  You’ll have plenty to download in the Xbox Live Marketplace.  So after all the turkey and presents and whatever kind of partying that goes on in your homes, you can head right out and get a lot of goodies. 

With the addition of the Video Marketplace, I’ll simply list the TV show to point out new content in that series most of the time.  So if I don’t list specific episodes, don’t go crazy just know that the particular TV show I listed has some new content.  Be sure to check for pricing on the VM content.

And with that said, let’s dig right in to another Midweek Marketplace.

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Splinter Cell Double Agent Single Player – Gold members only until next week
College Hoops 2K7 – Gold members until next week

Xbox Live Arcade
RoboBlitz – 1200 Microsoft Points

Halo 3 TV Commercial
Tenacious D ‘Pick of Destiny’
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia
Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player (video)
Superman Developer Blog
Bionicle Heroes

Picture Packs
Small Arms – 100 Microsoft Points
Viva Piñata – 80 Microsoft Points 

Metal Battalion – 150 Microsoft Points
Test Drive Unlimited – 150 Microsoft Points

In-game content
Madden NFL 07 Alternate Uniforms – Free (yes seriously)
NCAA 07 Alternate Uniforms – Free (really I’m serious)
Viva Piñata Accessory Pack – 90 Microsoft Points

Video Marketplace
Morel Orel: Season 2 Episode 4 – Elemental Orel
Frisky Dingo: Season 1 Episode 8 – Blind Faith
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Star Trek: The Original Series
Feature Films – The Golden Child, Clockwork Orange, Intersection, Blowup

As usual, if I miss anything let me know.  So what are you waiting for?  Head to the Marketplace!

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  1. I just first watched the Halo3 trailer. It’s a good commercial, but I really can’t understand why some of you get excited over seeing something like that. I didn’t find it the least bit inspiring.

  2. The marketplace conent is decent this week. Im glad that there arent that many picture packs, since I dont have any MS points right now.

    Also I liked the E3 announcement trailer for H3 a lot more than the commercial.

  3. There’s a bit of depth some people are missing from the commercial. I’ve gone into it in detail, but the one part that I feel is the most important is Cortana crying out, “Chief, don’t leave me!” (as in, “don’t die on me”) It makes me no longer believe that she is bad in any way, for now. Reading the Cortana Letters could change your opinion on that however.

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