Happy Birthday Xbox 360!

Boy how time flies when you’re playing great games, getting dashboard updates and logging in millions of sessions over Xbox Live huh?  Do you remember camping and the Best Buy 360 locators that were spreading around in the community during launch?  I sure do.

It’s been a long, fun ride this past year and I’d like you all to join me in giving a big WOOT! to the Xbox 360 for a great first year!  It’s been an amazing year with a lot of surprises and announcements.  I can’t wait to see what the coming year(s) will bring.

Xbox 360

You’d think that a console would take its birthday off but nope…not the Xbox 360.  Today you can head out to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download Small Arms, new Obilivion content in Knights of the Nine and the Xbox Live Video Marketplace comes alive today as well!  And I won’t even mention that tomorrow the Lost Planet multiplayer demo hits. (ok so I just did)

And if those weren’t enough reasons to sit down this holiday weekend with the Xbox 360, then how about 360+ more reasons to love it!  Xbox.com’s TriXie, came up with over 360 reasons for you to settle down with the Xbox 360.  I love #317 the best!  I was informed that the list isn’t in order of importance but who cares…#317 ROCKS BABY!

Happy Birthday Xbox 360!

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  1. Happy birthday 360! Mine is one of those that truly was adopted on Nove. 22nd last year. It has a place of honor in my entertainment center, with occasional trips down to my studio in the basement (there may be a sibling system in the plans soon). It has also done a bit of traveling around town for LAN gaming so it gets out and meets friends.
    It has grown in the form of additional controllers, a Vision camera, a Gameface (which is currently sporting a very nice Gears of War template), and flexible USB keyboard. The game collection has grown including CoD2 (which I had before I had my console), PDZ, Oblivion, LOTR: BFME II, GRAW, CoD3, GoW, Kameo, Madden 06, N3, Arcade Unplugged 1, The Outfit, and Burnout Revenge. In addition to those titles I also bought Street Fighter II, Marble Blast Ultra, and Uno in the Arcade (oh and I downloaded Texas Holdem while it was free). So I have tons of stuff to do with my system, not to mention that I have bought a few games off the back compat list just because the price was right and with native 480p they look better that they used to.
    I am so excited about the next year with the new Video Marketplace and games like Lost Planet, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Halo 3, Huxley and many more coming out. I really believe that XBOX 360 will become the system that dominates in this market. Oh and I don’t think I am a fanboy, though I am a fan, I just think that Microsoft has been doing things right.
    To give you an example, I was supposed to go to the GoW event at Six Flags Over New England. Well I was all set to go but my wife came down with a bad cold and I had to stay home to take care of her and my 20 month old daughter. I was bummed but of course family comes first. Well I let Jennifer (the Marketing Manager for XBOX who invited me) know and low and behold a couple of weeks later she sent me a “Sad Dad” care package that included a copy of Gears of War, also Ninety-Nine Nights and Arcade Unplugged Volume 1 and an XBOX 360 T-Shirt. Unlike Deacon, I am not a VIP so I didn’t expect this kind of treatment. It was so unexpected and appreciated that I immediately sent her a very nice e-mail letting her know just how much I appreciated it. I have also sent Larry and other XBOX folks kudos with regard to Jennifer and what she did.
    I think the best thing about this birthday is the way that not only does MS make a great product, they really support their community and make it fun!
    Let’s all share in a piece of virtual cake today and toast XBOX 360 and all of team XBOX!

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