Ready for Small Arms?

Perhaps the most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade original title, Small Arms is set to debut this Wednesday right before you dive into some turkey.  The biggest surprise of them all is that the speculated price point of 1200 Microsoft Points was just that…speculation. 

Small Arms


12 characters, each with their own weapon
8 unique levels
12 Achievements, including the innovative “Six Degrees of Small Arms” viral achievement
Up to 4-player multiplayer offline and on Xbox Live
Local Multiplayer / Xbox Live Swap – allows players to swap out a local friend with a friend over Live without leaving the game!
Three single player game modes (Story, Challenge, and Shooting Range)
Colorful 3D graphics with classic side-scrolling run and gun action
Expect premium downloadable content for this title in the future – providing new game play elements and unique challenges for Small Arms fans


How much: 800 Microsoft Points
When: Wednesday, November 22, at 1 a.m. PST on Xbox Live Arcade

For those of you who may have missed it, be sure to check out an interview roundtable with the guys at Gastronaut Studios about Small Arms!

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  1. i saved up my points from my earlier purchase of Mortal Kombat.i want this game. super smash with guns on my 360? sign me up!

  2. I am looking forward to another great XBLA title… Cloning Clyde owned me for a good week this summer, and I haven’t been motivated by another title since then to collect ALL the Achievements… Maybe Small Arms will be the one! Getting the 6 degrees achievement (only devs have it at launch, and pass it on to whoever they play with, who then pass it on, etc.) would be especially sweet.

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