Episode #21 – Superman Returns’ Jeff Peters

Hello Unscripted 360 land.  I have here for your listening pleasure Episode #21.  This episode features another special guest from Electronic Arts, Jeff Peters.  Jeff is the Supervising Producer on Superman Returns.  He stopped by to talk a bit about the game and hopefully get you all ready for the Man of Steel.

You’ve played the demo to get yourselves familiar with the game.  Now get ready to experience Metropolis in its entirety for the first time ever next week November 22 when Superman Returns hits store shelves.  Before you put on the red cape, take a seat and listen to the show.


Superman Returns

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Show outline:
Gears of War Idol – 00:01
Jeff Peters – 05:20
Mad World – 33:50 

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16 Responses to “ Episode #21 – Superman Returns’ Jeff Peters ”

  1. Hey Deacon the audio ends @ 11:26 for me.

  2. try it again. i just downloaded it and even used the instant play above and it was the full show :)

  3. hmmmmm The instant play and download both end @ 11:26.. that’s weird. I will try later.

  4. hey, i cant be on top of these first comments no more

  5. Awesome, listening now.

  6. Ugh….I really want to listen to the show right now…but I just can’t with all this work. That means that I’ll probably have to wait for tomorrow before I can listen, and then not until like 7pm in the evening :/

    By then there’ll be like 50 comments! >_

  7. man i dunno i think im sold on this game. I loved the demo, i just cant wait to fight Metallo now.

    Im torn between this game and Rainbow 6 this week.

  8. wow…i think that’s the first i’ve heard of anyone being torn between Vegas and SMR

  9. LOL its true, Superman looks like its gonna be alot of fun. R6 is getting excellent reviews but you know a little variety in the games collection never hurts. Im getting both evenutally as far as which one first is something im thinking about.

  10. I was really looking forward to superman, played the dempo, and the graphics suck, though the gameplay is fun

  11. i finally did the demo…and i love the taking off/landing of superman. and the flying made it seem real fast lol

  12. I love the demo and superman’s powers and i know the world is huge and takes a lot of data, but tom is right, the graphics seem to be lacking a lot of detail

  13. Guys the Graphics dont suck on this game. It is great graphics for a superhero game. At least it is not looking like toys like Marvel Ultimate Allience. It is also the fist game this big that you can fly from one end of 80 sq feet to the other end with no loading. That is awsome ,superman is awsome looking. I know games but Im sorry guys you are not looking at the whole picture with this. This will make up for the N64 Superman and all the trashy ones since then. Remember this is a Macro world and not a Micro world. Yeah I know it doesnt show inside alot of things but it wasnt built for that. It was built to fly and be action from start to end.Wait for the full game guys you will see this will be best superhero game ever.

  14. 80sq miles i meant :S

  15. well everyone i’m sure hopes you’re right Joames ;)

  16. [...] Is it able to leap tall $60 bounds?  Perhaps not but it can clearly hurdle above any rental price you come across.  You just might decide to keep Superman around after trying it.  Don’t forget to check out the Superman Returns interview with Jeff Peters if you haven’t already. [...]

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