Monday Morning Scripted

I’m back from Canada for those who didn’t know.  The trip was amazing minus the cold weather and bits of rain.  Vancouver though is now officially one of my favorite places to visit.  The only thing they have to do now is fix the journey out of Canada.  Everytime I’ve visited, I’ve had a rough time leaving because of the joke called customs and the constant flight delays.  But oh well…the trip was great especially after meeting some cool people.  Coola, DJ, Rich…and not to mention the FIFA 07 team…were all amazing people.

I’ll be posting my recap of the event today as well as posting episode #18.  I need a moment to readjust myself so I can’t go over any hot topics just yet outside of Splinter Cell Double Agent releasing and the Gears of War Gamestop/EB event.

Tonight is Monday Night Football.  Cowboys vs Giants.  Do I need to say who I’m going for?  I’ll miss the first hour because of Heroes on NBC but hey…I’ll flip the channels as best as I can.  Well it’s good to be back.  Let’s get this week started!

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