Superman Returns – Community Day w/EA

Superman Returns

For those who listened to Episode #16, you heard about the Superman Returns Community Day event with Electronic Arts in Orlando, FL.  I mentioned that I’d have the report wrap up on Wednesday and well today is Wednesday…for most of us at least.  I sent one of my guys, Rob Martini, down to cover the event and I’d like to share his report with you.

The game is set to release in stores November 20th so be sure to read up and see if this game will be ‘super’.  Thanks Rob for doing a great job filling in for me.

Read Rob’s preview and experience with Superman Returns

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4 Responses to “ Superman Returns – Community Day w/EA ”

  1. *DROOLS*
    i’m in love withthe game already, i just hope you can free roam a little too

  2. Good preview.

    I live in Orlando, FL and wish I could attend these events….

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