Zune Launch – Nov 14 $249.99

Here’s some news for the Unscripted crowd that have been following the news on Microsoft’s Zune.  Today an official press release rolled out detailing the launch of Zune.  It will launch in the US on November 14th and at a price of $249.99.  The press release includes information about the Zune Marketplace in which you’ll be able to purchase a Zune Pass for $14.99/month which gives you access to millions of songs. 


Also, which I thought was very cool integration, is the fact that you can purchase songs for 79 Microsoft Points per track.  These points are becoming more valuable by the day aren’t they.

How much $ is 79 Microsoft Points?  (shout to bigsteve for the unofficial converter)

For more on Microsoft’s Zune, be sure to head over to Zune Insider.

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6 Responses to “ Zune Launch – Nov 14 $249.99 ”

  1. Glad to see it’s not priced higher than the new iPod. Should make things interesting.

  2. like i said when i first put details up on it…i want one :)

  3. Even less interested now than before.

    LOL @ monthy fee for use. That whole renting music thing failed once already.

    I wouldn’t say MS points are becoming more valuable at all, just have more uses.

  4. yeah more uses is what i meant lol

  5. I’ll wait ’til it’s $200. My iPod Nano is doing me fine at the moment.

  6. this or hddvd?

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