Marvel Ultimate Alliance VIP

Want to be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance VIP and have a chance to win an Xbox 360 among other prizes?  Not only that but you’ll have exclusive access to the coolest of content surrounding Activision’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  Exclusive videos, wallpapers and news are just a few of the things being a VIP will get ya.  Sound interesting?  I thought so. 

Ok.  So how do you become a VIP?

Email me or post your email address here, and I’ll send you your special invitation to which all you have to do is confirm.  You’ll be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance VIP!  Only 20 lucky people have a shot at this so don’t hesitate…get those emails coming!  I’m already in so hurry up and join me!

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

43 Responses to “ Marvel Ultimate Alliance VIP ”

  1. i got in but i dont know waht to do now?

  2. did you get a VIP code from somewhere or preorder?

  3. if you’ve got any invites left.

    hook me up deac ;)

  5. each of the first 20 will get the questions you guys are all in :)

  6. I got the VIP email this morning, what the hell did I do to get that invitation? It’s not like I asked anyone, oh well, it’s cool, just random.

  7. i believe Activision sent out random ones if you’ve previously registered products or perhaps someone you know just hooked you up.

  8. please! I would love it, thanks

  9. Hey Deac heres my email

    hook it up bro!

  10. everyone who emailed/replied..thanks! all 20 VIP codes are out and delivered now. greek was the last one. everyone check your Spam boxes just in case you didn’t get it ok.

    welcome VIPs ;)

  11. shoot

  12. I just activated it’s pretty sweet….. Thanks Deacon much apperciated. Looks like i may have to add another MMO to my 360.

  13. [quote comment="3644"]shoot[/quote]

    Hey give me your email, i will hook you up. Gotta look after eachother in the xbox community!

  14. My email addy is, lov eto get a code to joing the IP Alliance . . .thanks for the great site as well, Always look forward to it arriving in my In-Box daily. Cheers . . XboxOZ360

  15. it’s a pleasure making sure it arrives in your Inbox as well XboxOZ ;)

    unfortunately i’m all out of codes. i’ll pass your email along to see if a friend can provide one.

  16. damn too late..this is actually the way i found out about the site..oh well. congrats to the 20.

  17. [quote comment="3647"][quote comment="3644"]shoot[/quote]

    Hey give me your email, i will hook you up. Gotta look after eachother in the xbox community![/quote]

    Thanks, man!

  18. I’ll take one if you still got them:

  19. If you have any at all i’ll take them, i’m desperate to learn new stuff and i used all my money on view askewniverse movies.

  20. can i get a vip code please
    email it to me at

  21. i’m all out of codes guys.

  22. anyone have an extra invite, please hook me up.

  23. id like an invite, please.



  24. i’m all out of codes.

  25. Anyone with an extra invite please email me, I’m a little pissed bcause I ordered from and my preorder came with no code…

  26. Please send an extra invite my way if possible!!!!!!

    My email is


  27. Hey, please send me a VIP code at


  28. Lookin’ for VIP access… can I get a hook-up??

  29. Can i get a VIP code? thank you

  30. I would loooooooooove an invite if anyone has any spare invites!!!

  31. forgot my address……For the VIP code, my address is…..THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. can i have a invite plz


  34. Anyone with an extra invite please:


  35. can somebody send me one i want to access the message boards please

    send at:
    thanks in advance

  36. Hey thanks man for your generosity! Would love you to hook me up if you still got any available!!

  37. i’ll see if i can get some more codes Mystus but it’s not a promise.

  38. Thanks DeaconBlade, will really appreciate it if you can!!

  39. Can ny send me a vip please i really nenad one

  40. Can any send me a vip please i really need one

  41. Please send me a vip code i’m a big marvel fen.