Episode #11 featuring GameFly

What’s up in U360 land out there?  Episode #11 features the GameFly interview with Sean Spector, co-founder of GameFly.  Lots of other cool things included so sit back and enjoy!


59:45, 27.4MB, mp3

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Show outline:

  • nbafreak93 (1st shout) – 02:20
  • Xbox 360 Laws Council – 03:20
  • Marketplace / Games Convention – 05:05
  • Xbox Live Vision Camera – 10:50
  • 360 Community – 26:20
  • GhostRider Zone – 33:30
  • M.M.F. minute – 37:21
  • GameFly interview – 40:34

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  1. nice show Deac! Althogh the Barry White voice was too creepy for my likin’ lol.
    Nice shout out too, you actually got my name right as opposed to 95% of people on xbox live sayin Bigsy or big icy lol

  2. haha Barry White is king! anyway, Gamefly set me up with a complimentary subscription..and now my first 2 games are headed out to me…gonna have my impressions of the service after a few months of trying it out :)

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