Episode #11 featuring GameFly

What’s up in U360 land out there?  Episode #11 features the GameFly interview with Sean Spector, co-founder of GameFly.  Lots of other cool things included so sit back and enjoy!


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Show outline:

  • nbafreak93 (1st shout) – 02:20
  • Xbox 360 Laws Council – 03:20
  • Marketplace / Games Convention – 05:05
  • Xbox Live Vision Camera – 10:50
  • 360 Community – 26:20
  • GhostRider Zone – 33:30
  • M.M.F. minute – 37:21
  • GameFly interview – 40:34

About the Author

They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

38 Responses to “ Episode #11 featuring GameFly ”

  1. bruinfan 0 7!?

    lol, I’m just messing around, great as usual Deac. Looking forward to next week’s.

  2. lol did i say 07?? ooops.

  3. I’ll be listening in later. Any news on the system coming to Europe (slim to bupkis would be my guess lol)

  4. he couldn’t say much outside of more distribution centers are being looked at.

  5. NICE

  6. LOL, that three MMf was hillarious

  7. lol yeah it was.

  8. Its Higgy76, Deacon hit me up I see that ur playin some madden

  9. nah that’s not me…some friends are playing it. :)

  10. My boy Deacon Frost keeping it Icy…:-)

  11. i like keepin’ it iced up ;)

  12. Deacon you had me laughing during this Podcast the MMF was hilarious. Keep up the good work Deacon I love your shows.

  13. Another great show deac. Also I have taken 2 German classes but don’t quote me on this but I belive “Leipzig” is pronounced like this ” Leap-zish “.

  14. i’ll take your word for it Pistol lol and thx Mocha!!

  15. Wow. I heard you talk in the beginning and i thought you were sick or something.



  16. good pod cast broz it was freaking me out i was like what he still didnt say anything i mean the ghost thing i was what thats all hes going tos ay and then you said itll be on wedensday so thats good. Hey you hear anything abou the wireless headesets cause those sound cool im gonna get one but i was wondering what you guys thought what do you think will bebetter tilt motion controllers or vibrating ones? If you had to pick and yes you gotta pick only one ohh and ive also decided that no you can not say my name on the mmf I will be the only one that does not get said over mmf ok ill be the black sheep of that itll be my acomplisment ok thanks man, the thing you were talking about how you can buy things in the game sounds cool i mean going into a store and buying a new weapon or armor sounds cool, but what im still waiting for would be the integration of marketplace to the mass media right now its just about games really but what i wanna see would be movies and stuff like that maybe like shows ONLY and i stress only about games for the xbox360 because if you can think back game shows become corrupted after a while like g4 to much fastlane and stupid stuff and not enough game info anymore so sad but episodes that talk about the 36o sound good , and i hope they can make a new media center for the xbox or a add on because i dont have a media center pc but i would love to stream my movies to xbox it would be so cool ok sorry its so long but wateva lata man

  17. http://video-game-rental-review.toptenreviews.com/ shows the top ten, it looks like gamelender has he biggest game selection, but gameznflix has 40000 games and movies WOW! GnF is aso the cheapest there.

  18. here you go grifter.

    Xbox 360 Wireless Headset. (ERP $59.99 U.S., available in November).

  19. grifter024 you can still hook your 360 up to the computer I have windows XP and I am able to do it.

  20. This was probably the best show you have done. I enjoyed this blogcast as much as Major’s, it really brightened up my night of work.

    Thanks Deacon! I haven’t got the headset yet by the way, but as soon as I get it, I’ll have some nice pictures for you.

  21. I got it and Im lookin for my cam to take pics

  22. Where’s my headset?


  23. LOL

  24. mocha you cant stream videos thats what i wanna do what your doing now is just streaming music and photos not movies thats why im complaining about

  25. Hey nbafreak,

    thanks for that link. I night just look at GameLender, because it has Dreamcast games. That’s the last place i can find besides ebay to get dreamcast games from.

  26. Hey gang, I can’t wait for you to hear my segments. What Deacon played this week is my MMF that I recorded just before we agreed on the Zone. I am excited and I hope you will all like it. What did you think about my background music? I am so psyched about the upcomming live action Transformers movie and hope there is a 360 game tie in. I guess we will have to wait and see.
    BTW if I had a Vision camera you’d definitely get to see the GhostRider’s toothy grin… stay tuned and you just might…

  27. Great show Deac, pretty intresting how Shawn/Sean (sp)!!? Sticks to his guns in the interview about they want to remain a games only service. That’s cool but they should think about the competition which would be Gameznfkix which offers both and is a little cheaper then Gamefly. If to many of theese hybrid services start sprouting up more and more eventually Gamefly will have to evolve whether it wants to or not.

  28. i agree..the one thing though is price. at some point they’ll have to adjust it compared to GameznFlix and other services starting to sprout up.

  29. Good show Deac…you seem to be finding your groove on these.

  30. i’m trying lol..every show it seems is different and the groove rears its head in different levels…i’ll have a consistent groove i hope soon.

  31. nice show Deac! Althogh the Barry White voice was too creepy for my likin’ lol.
    Nice shout out too, you actually got my name right as opposed to 95% of people on xbox live sayin Bigsy or big icy lol

  32. haha Barry White is king! anyway, Gamefly set me up with a complimentary subscription..and now my first 2 games are headed out to me…gonna have my impressions of the service after a few months of trying it out :)

  33. thx Bastelyon! …lmao @ the twisted system….see that twisted system is like THE ultimate tongue twister haha

  34. Twisted System, twisted system, wisted tysdom….darn, I can’t even type it 3 times fast. Great podcast Deacon!

  35. guess i started a trend :)


    GameFly owes me one for inspiring this Gamespot article.

  36. [...] Something interesting for you today as we sit through the scheduled maintenance.  I get GameFly’s Top 10 via email each week breaking down the top rentals for all consoles.  I thought it would be a cool thing to share the Xbox and Xbox 360 numbers with the U360 crowd.  I’ll even share the list for most popular games cross platform.  For those who haven’t listened in, be sure to check out Episode 11 featuring Sean Rector from GameFly.  [...]

  37. [...] I was one of them for a brief time in order to get some history and hand’s on before conducting an interview with one of its founders, Sean Spector.  There have been a few things from the interview that have come to fruition so I may try to get [...]

  38. […] all love lists don’t we?  I’m a fan of GameFly and its rental service.  I actually  did a show and spoke with its co-founder, Sean Spector, back in 2006 before anyone else had the opportunity.  Sean was the ultimate in cool.  Anyway, […]

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