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Time to start planning ahead for an explosion of Xbox 360 accessories soon!  Gamerscoreblog has listed the news out of Germany on the pricing and release schedule for the Xbox Live Vision Camera and other 360 accessories due out this year.

Xbox Live Vision camera for the Xbox 360 system – The camera will be available in the U.S. on Sept. 19 and in Europe on Oct. 6 in two packages:

  • Xbox Live Vision – This package includes Xbox Live Vision camera, one-month Xbox Live Gold Membership, Xbox 360 Headset, and free* downloads of two full-version Xbox Live Arcade games: the popular “UNO®” card game and “TotemBall,” the new 3-D platform game from Freeverse and Strange Flavour Ltd. that is a mixture of platform skills and puzzles (estimated retail price (ERP) $39.99 U.S./ €49.99**)
  • Xbox Live Video Chat Gold Kit – This package includes the Xbox Live Vision camera, a 12-month Xbox Live Gold Membership, an Xbox 360 Headset, free* downloads of three full-version Xbox Live Arcade games — the “UNO” card game, “TotemBall,” and the classic “Robotron™” action shooter — and 200 Microsoft Points (ERP $79.99 U.S./€89.99**)
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14 Responses to “ Vision Camera Pricing & More ”

  1. That racing wheel is a little higher than I was hoping. I think I am going to move from “definate buy” to “try it and see if it’s worth it”.

    The cam is a definate for me as soon as I see one to buy.

    Maybe…the Forza faceplate. My second 360 still has it’s stock one on it.

  2. LOL…you rascal…you edited your post. ;)

  3. yeah it looked clunky so to get the pricing for the others, just head over to Gamescoreblog lol

  4. I was thinking the wheel would be around $100-$130. For $150, Forza and the wheel would be over $200 alone. It would be a definite buy for me if it wasn’t for the other 6-7 AAA titles coming out in the same month as the wheel…

    I guess I’ll have to see how much I make on my PS3 eBay auction.

  5. I am really hoping there will be more kid friendly titles for the camera. It would make gaming easy for the little ones. I think I want this thing and since it appearently works with Windows based PCs it should be a very competitive web cam.

  6. I’ve been sent a few picture messages with the Vision camera and I like the quality of it.

  7. it’s 1.3 megapixels which is pretty impressive for a console accessory like this. shreddies sent a few pics to me and it was pretty cool..

  8. It’s by no means an Apple iSight but then agian it’s $100 cheaper. ;)

  9. It’s 1.3mp(1024×768?) for pics, but it’s only 640×480 for movies, which is still pretty good. That’s pretty much standdard for webcams today.

    *begin rant*

    ROBOTRON? WHY ROBOTRON? IT’S PROBABLY THE LEAST SELLING ARCADE GAME OUT! That’s probably why they are bundling it.

    *end rant*

  10. LOL…and I was stupid enough to actually buy Robotron.

  11. HAHA

  12. I downloaded the trial and played it. It seemed fun…..



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  14. [...] up for internet service to get connected to Xbox Live?  Well, that reason comes in the form of an Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack (includes the Vision Cam, headset & 12-month Gold subscription), games and more in a new [...]

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