Cloning Clyde Review

Developer: NinjaBee
Cost: 800 MS Points
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There’s something to be said about a game whose central character runs around showing his naked rear end.  And that something is a lot of fun!  Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for NinjaBee’s Cloning Clyde for the Xbox Live Arcade!  It’s a welcomed side scrolling adventure set in a 2D world that should satisfy everyone’s Arcade fix.

NinjaBee, makers of another XBLA classic Outpost Kaloki X, return to the Xbox Live Arcade scene with yet another beautifully designed title.  Gamers across the world stayed up until the wee hours of the night a few weeks ago for this edition of Arcade Wednesdays which sees an Arcade title released each Wednesday during the summer.  Like all Arcade titles there is a trial version and a full version.  The full version costs 800 MS points to download.

But what is this game about?  Cloning Clyde stars of course Clyde.  He mistakenly gets cloned at the cloning facility Dupiclone Inc.  And that starts the central idea of the game, which is to get all of yourself…well your clones to safety while in the meantime escaping near death from heaps of mechanical security machine terrors that Dupliclone Inc has managed to produce. The game has a very colorful presentation mixed with fun loving characters.  There are chickens and sheep and mutants across the Cloning Clyde universe…all of which possess something unique in order to further the story.

As you begin your Clyde-freeing journey, you’ll be ‘tutored’ with notes left by yourself (clones of you) to get you up to speed with the controls.  Some of these notes are hilarious…read them all. You can pick up a variety of things or control levers with the B button.  Collecting enough DNA strands will enable some super judo kicks via the Right Bumper.  And if you pay close enough attention, you’ll hear Clyde yelling a “Yes Sensai” as he kicks.  The casual dialogue that Clyde performs while being idle or engaging in combat is quite funny.

There are a number of silly gadgets that Clyde must use, including the Cloning machine itself, in order to complete each mission.  In order to clone yourself you need something to clone and put on the other scale of the Cloning machine.  It was so much fun sitting there putting different ‘things’ onto one side of the Cloning machine and hopping on there to see what I’d become. You’ll control Clyde across 40 levels of excitement in single player action or with a buddy for some cool cooperative play.  The online action via Xbox Live is sure to keep gamers busy as it allows for up to 4 players via online play in a variety of versus modes.  I didn’t experience any lag or difference in gameplay while playing the game online which is something many will welcome.  The difficulty in the game isn’t something that will turn you on or off.  Anyone can seemingly pick up and play Cloning Clyde which only adds to its appeal.  The Achievements are also pretty straightforward and simple enough.  You get them for accomplishing various “Cloning” objectives etc.  There are also hidden Gamerpics that you can unlock while playing the game.

There aren’t many original titles that exist currently in the Arcade.  Cloning Clyde is a breath of fresh air that gives life back to the Arcade.  In what is being touted a 80s retro celebration this summer in the Arcade, don’t pass up one of the few originally designed titles.  Cloning Clyde delivers something new and it delivers it marvelously.


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  1. New section Deacon? Good work. If you need somebody to review games that you might not be as interested in let me know. My specialties would be the classic arcade games and RP. I could start off with Galaga and Frogger.

  2. nah not a new section. reviews will be few and far between since i have a gaming website that specializes in it. this was part of my Cloning Clyde coverage that i presented to Wahoo.

    don\’t forget to digg it!

    i\’m not opposed to doing reviews as many people have asked to include reviews etc. they\’ll be exclusive from time to time type of things. you\’d be the first to contribute in that way to U360 (post wise) so have at it amigo. Galaga and Frogger would be super.

    if you could stick to the length i have, that would be great. let me know the score, i\’ll set up the score image for it and we\’ll have 2 more in the cradle 😉

  3. so do i. i REALLY love those that are specifically designed for the Arcade. i mean i love retros but i only do trials on those. Cloning Clyde, Small Arms, Roboblitz etc…those are the games that i’ll likely spend points on.

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