Madden and ESPN Pay Per View


That’s right…EA and ESPN are taking Madden to new heights…well new $20 heights that is. 

Beginning August 4 at 8 p.m. ET., ESPN and will offer an exclusive pay-per-view event with Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) – Inside Madden NFL 07 – produced by ESPN Original Entertainment (EOE) and available to gamers through affiliates on television and also online.

In this special, available 18 days before the release of Madden NFL 07 from EA SPORTS™ on August 22, fans will get an early look inside one of this year’s most anticipated video game releases.  EA game designers and some of the best Madden players will lead gamers on a guided tour through new changes and advances in all aspects of the game.  Included in the special are the exclusive release of player ratings and tips from top Madden gamers and behind-the-scenes details about the making of the next generation of Madden NFL games.

#edit – one note that many have inquired about as it pertains to Madden NFL 2007.  It will not include co-op or same team play.  The feature was left off both Madden 2007 and NCAA 2007.

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28 Responses to “ Madden and ESPN Pay Per View ”

  1. What a rip off….$20 come on !

  2. For the love of God, that kind of stuff should be free on the internet and XBL Marketplace. EA is a complete cancer to the gaming industry, on the same level as Sony.

  3. seriously ea is like walmart… EVIL!

  4. yeah it better be something that i can’t get on gamespot or IGN or something..but even still…that sounds like nothing more than extra trailers type of content.

  5. It’s whatever the market will bear. I wouldn’t pay for it but you know some will.

    As for EA being a cancer, opinions vary, people always seem to have no trouble buying their products even though they claim to hate them.

  6. Maybe it’s cause they have no other choice? EA is buying up anything and everything they can. If they had bought out Ubisoft like they were trying to do, over half the games that come out would be owned by EA, it’s sickening. I won’t even bring up the NFL thing…oops, I just did.

  7. yeah the NFL thing really ticked me off when they kicked 2K out of the i have no choice but to play Madden when i never liked Madden. but hey, if i want some football i have to buy it..and i want some football lol

  8. So you admit that competition is necessary yet you still want Sony to go out of business, BluRay to fail, and MS to take control of the console and MP3 player markets?

    I guess monopolies are fine to you so long as your product choice is the one that takes the market?

    Stupid. You complain about EA buying out their rivals and locking down exclusivity agreements yet I can only imagine how close to suicidal you’d be if Bungie wasn’t in the very same sort of deal with MS and put Halo on other consoles.

  9. i definitely agree with sirharper. i certainly do not want the ps3 to fail. if sony goes out of business, which btw i really don’t see that happening, then microsoft will slack off. mocrosoft needs sony. competition is good for business. mcdonalds would be nothing without burger king.

  10. LOL…no Sony isn’t going to go under anywhere except maybe Planet Fanboy.

    In fact their stock has been thrashing MS ever since 360 came out…

  11. This is just another way for EA to make money. Only a fool would pay
    $20.00 for content that’s probably going to be in the game anyway as an
    unlockable. I’ve played both Madden and 2K but I was really enjoying 2K
    when EA ripped it right out from under me. Now I have no choice but to play Madden if I want to play football. I still play my ESPN 2K5 from time to time. I hope Madden starts using the ESPN presentation that 2K had. It seemed to bring the game to life.

  12. The ESPN games on Xbox were pretty decent. The price was low at $20 and many of them were 720i HD. Based on what I’ve seen in the forums I don’t think many knew even the old Xbox could do 1080i HD.

  13. Thanks for putting words into my mouth.
    From my article posted on since May:

    ” You might get the impression that I hate Sony from the things said in this article, or in my previous article, but I actually don’t wish bankruptcy upon Sony. I just hope they lose a lot of the market share in the gaming industry this generation so that they wake up. They need to stop habitually lying to gamers, and they need to clean up their act when it comes to quality. They also need to start taking responsibility when they break copyright laws. I would rather see a more honest company up against Microsoft and Nintendo. Given the choice, but it seems as though Sony is here to stay, and if that’s the case, they just need to get their act together. They need to innovate more and imitate less, competition is always good, but not when you use lies to try and defame your competition.” Last paragraph of page 6. Also, Blu-Ray failing is a good thing, is a proprietory format, just like all the rest of Sony’s, not to mention they will rip you off if they have the chance, one only has to look the the UMD format to know that…more money, less content. Halo would never have come to consoles if MS hadn’t bought them as well.

    Now, I know you will ignore these points and just go on to the next flame against me, but at least try to open your eyes about what your precious Sony does, and also, don’t lie about where I stand on issues you know nothing about.

  14. WTF is 720i. That doesnt exist.

  15. I am happy to see your Sony statement although your words and deeds on various internet forums and blogs do not support the fact you live by your statement. I suspect you placed it as a simple matter of justification. Something like “I’m not all anti-Sony, see this proves it”. I’m not falling for it and neither is anybody else that has ever regularly read your posts. MS has told it’s share of lies too, you’re just too blind to see them.

    Your BluRay statement is lathered in pure fanboy ignorance:

    BluRay IS NOT a Sony format, it is owned and controlled by a consortium of MANY companies.

    BluRay IS NOT proprietary. This statement is particularly ignorant in the fact the first players on the US market were under the Samsung logo. Viacom’s Paramount, a rival to Sony’s Universal supporting the format beautifully illustrate how it IS NOT a propritary format and is shared by a diverse range of brands including Apple, HP, Panasonic just to mention a very few. Do you even know what proprietary means?

    UMD did exactly what it was supposed to do. Play in it’s selected device, the PSP. What exactly is your point here?

    For a total Halohead your knowledge of Bungie is critically limited. The company first took it’s hold as a Macintosh game developer when the classic game Marathon was released. Soon they sold out and began to develop for Windows (I can’t blame them). So here we have a company WITH A HISTORY of going where the money is which right now is them being signed to MS. No big exclusivity money from MS and people would be playing Halo2 on PS2′s right now. The very fact you can say with such personal certainty that would not be the case shows you’re lost in fanboism, with it’s key tennant blind-devotion.

    The fact is I do not need to lie about where you stand. Most people already know. For those that may not the evidence is in your posts and is captured as evidence for all to see here:

  16. Twisted…we all know you are UNSCleric, drop the act kid. While 720i DOES exist 720p is much more common. Happy now?

  17. Have Deacon check the IPs, mine is from Minnesota, Twisted’s is from Atlanda. No Xbox game supports 720i, so you can give up that argument before it begins.

  18. So it’s you on a proxy server? Great.

  19. Did you just say Halo 2 on a PS2? Do you live in a land where Sony delivered Toy Story-like graphics and AIM on the PS2?

  20. Oh geez…see folks this is why you cannot dispute a fanboy.

    Yes, Halo2 could have ran on a PS2 pretty much the same. The difference would have been in the online play, not the graphics. Single player could have been a direct port. Most of the non-fanboy world felt the graphics on PS2 and Xbox were pretty close to the same level.

    I like how you didn’t try to dispute any of the BluRay facts. That was a good move on your part, best to just shut up about it.

  21. Xbox and PS2 have the same graphics?

    That’s classic, about as funny as you “IMing” Cliffy B during Gears of War’s final weeks in development.

    I don’t have much confidence in Gears of War if Cliffy is spending crunch time talking to anti-Xbox 360 trolls

  22. Sirharper, you have serious issues that need professional help if you’re believing all the sh*t you’re spewing. And no, I’m not UNSCleric, but I am like him, sane.

  23. Whatever dude. If I slapped an Xbox logo on a Etch-a-Sketch you’d think it had better graphics too. Thats just how you roll.

    As for Cliffy, he’s been on my friends list since last year. I have his AIM and Yahoo names. I emailed him yesterday and he replied a hour later. What can I say, you don’t know shit.

    How about that BluRay now, you man enough to pick up the debate armed only with fanboy facts?

  24. Twisted…funny how you never appear until UNSCleric starts to get owned. What exactly are you here to contribute? You have not once debated any fact.

  25. We should start a campaign to stop everyone from purchasing this. Since this type of activity happens because EA knows people will fork out the cash the only way to send a real message is for everyone to boycott the event. I understand that people need to make a buck but we need to let them know that they should invest their time in a better game and then the game will sell itself and bring them the returns they desire. These silly gimicks are only necessary when the actual product isn’t as good as it should be.

  26. well my thing is that i’ve NEVER been into Madden. but considering 2K isn’t making a game now or can’t…i’m forced to buy it because i like playing football on video games…and the only way to do that with current stuff is with Madden. i wasn’t too put off with the 360′s version last fact, it’s the only Madden game i can sit down and enjoy really…so i’m at least learning to like it :)

    but this pay per view thing can go where the sun don’t shine.

  27. No co-op play for 360, now way I am buying the Madden 2007

  28. yeah no co-op same team play :(

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