iTunes trouble

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I’m working to figure out why some of you, if not all, are not getting the shows to appear automatically in iTunes. 

In the meantime, you can always access the shows directly on the site.  Just head to the category Unscripted 360 Podcasts to access the shows.  Sorry about the inconvenience and I’ll try to get it situated as soon as possible.


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6 Responses to “ iTunes trouble ”

  1. I’ve fixed the problem with iTunes. Starting with the next show everyone who is subscribed to the show via iTunes, should be able to get the newest shows. Just go into iTunes, select Podcasts for your list of podcasts, and if the latest show isn’t there click Update.

    It will download the latest show. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!

    For the previous 3 shows, you can easily access them here on the website.

    Thanks again for listening!

  2. cool, good job on responding from the community

  3. Yeah, I was wondering why that last interview wasn’t showing up… Thanks for fixing it though. I’m downloading that one right now.

  4. wait a sec, i only see the test podcasts and i cant download those because the can’t found on the server / are corrupted files.

  5. yea i couldn’t listen to wednesday’s show at the gym because itunes wouldn’t download. thanx for fixing the problem. looking forward to the next one.

  6. no problem guys. responding to the community is what i do. :) the feedback that you guys continue to give is AMAZING.

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