Oblivion’s Vile Lair Coming to Marketplace

The latest download for Oblivion for PC and Xbox 360 — the Vile Lair — will be out this Thursday. This underwater hideout provides your infamous character with safe haven. Those willingly inflicted (or shall we say graced?) with vampirism will find
a means to feed, and if necessary, a means to cure their infliction. Hire evil minions, pray to the dark god Sithis, and a host of other functions await.

You can find full details and screenshots here:


*edit – Available in (150 points): US, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand.

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10 Responses to “ Oblivion’s Vile Lair Coming to Marketplace ”

  1. Sounds pretty good. And a good price too. I haven’t been infected with vampirism, and I’m not much of a murderer so I think I’ll pass for now though. :)

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. no sweat. i figured i’d add what press that U360 is sent that i don’t filter to my gaming site first..another serve to the community that U360 is built around ;)

  3. Nice man Im thinking of getting this when I get some MS Point next week, I would truely love this because I play a all-around character so this will be a great thing.

  4. Can’t wait will be getting this!

  5. Hey Deacon,
    I’m sure you already know about it but anyway, some (official) news:

    The “Summer of Arcade”, starting with Frogger tomorrow.

  6. I loved Oblivion…but once I got my 1000 points and tried the first few downloadables (including Horse Armor) I am done with it now.

  7. thanks Giants…and yes i knew ;) i have Oblivion and have yet to even really get into playing it. i will when i have time.

  8. LOL…good luck with that. When I first got Oblivion I couldn’t put it down. Too many sleepless nights and angry wife/kids.

  9. I love oblilvion its a great game im gonna start being a bit more evil in it soon maybee become a vampire :0)

  10. well it’s out on the marketplace now. i made an edit to the announcement.

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